About our uniform

All players must have a full and correct uniform in order to be eligible to play for our club. You will be issued a uniform number at the discretion of the club (numbers are pre-printed on the singlet).  Uniforms for new members are sold in the second week of the school holidays leading up to a new season.  E-mail advice regarding times and days uniforms can be purchased will be sent with team sheet information.

For uniform purchase mid season please email uniforms@banyulehawks.com.au to contact our uniform coordinator.  They will be able to advise a time when you can try on and purchase uniforms.

Uniform collection

Uniforms will be available for purchase/pick from the basketball court at the Macleod Recreation and Fitness Centre (MRFC) :

Uniform collection nights for Summer season will be advised soon.

The MRFC (often referred to as the YMCA) is in Wungan Street – Macleod.  When you enter – you may walk straight through to the basketball court.  Club volunteers will be down the back of the court where our uniform cupboards are located.

Uniform tops are $55 and shorts are $45 – CASH ONLY – at the time of purchase.  If you paid online during the registration process, please have a copy of the receipt available (uniform coordinators will also have a list of all online uniform payments with them).    Should there be a number clash i.e. two members of one team have the same singlet number; the club will provide options to resolve this at no cost (see the Number Clash Policy for more details)

If you are not able to attend on one of these evenings, there will be limited opportunities to purchase/pick up uniforms.  Details will be on our Facebook page.


All players and supporters can purchase one of our Banyule Hawks hoodies for $50. These are available in a range of sizes.